Frequently Asked Questions
Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, feel free to call our record consultants!
  • How is your storage cost effective?
    Storage charges are charged by the box, so you only pay for the amount of space that your files require.
  • How does it cost me less to use a file management service?
    Space for a single four-drawer vertical file cabinet with drawer extended requires at least 8.25 square feet, including room for the file clerk to open the drawer. Use the formula below to determine to cost difference:
    • 8.25 sq. ft. x (# of file cabinets)= sq. ft. of files
    • $(Annual rent per sq. ft.) x (Sq. Ft. of Files)= $(Cost per year of storing your own files)
  • I already store my files in a “mini-warehouse” unit. Would your system save on that expense?
    The File Drawer has calculated our rates to save as much as 75% over “mini-storage."
  • We have a storage system in place. If we use The File Drawer, will we have to scrap our current system?
    The File Drawer is designed to mimic virtually every system. Our consultants will work with you to keep your system in place.
  • We don’t have any system in place. How will we know how to locate what we need?
    Our Inventory Specialists will provide you with the necessary forms and work with you to set up an Inventory System.
  • How do the files get to you? How do they get to us?
    The File Drawer has both pick-up and delivery services, as well as facsimile services, to accommodate your every need.
  • What if I need a file right away?
    The File Drawer can have any file ready in as little as 1 hour. Delivery can be the physical files or by fax.
  • How does scanning work?
    Using our advanced digital carton scanners, The File Drawer will scan your carton and its location into our secure database.
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