Record Preparation
The information below will help you understand how we will catalog, organize, and store your business's records.
Preparing Your Files for Off-Site Storage
We use “Record Storage Cartons.” They measure 10x12x15 inches and can hold either legal or letter-sized files depending upon which way they are placed in the container. While larger cartons may at first seem to be more efficient, they have proven to be difficult to handle due to their size and weight. Cartons should not be filled to capacity. Leave one and one half inches of space inside the container to allow space to add items later and to facilitate the finger holes.
Creating an Inventory
It is always a good idea to know what is packed into a carton. We recommend that an inventory be created, showing the contents of each carton. It is not only essential in order to find specific items but it also will ensure continuity for the future and will allow for the eventual destruction of those items that will no longer be needed. All contents with the exact same descriptions, i.e. paid bills, canceled checks, etc., should be packed together. If the contents are in strict numeric, alpha, or chronological order, all that will be required will be the beginning and ending number or word. For easy requesting of all records, you will receive a complete copy of your inventory.
Secure Data Protection
We will provide you with a unique, never repeated, sequential number.